Battles by Year

To make it a little easier to find a particular battle, here are links to them arranged in chronological order.

1346 Crécy

1704 Blenheim (updated Oct 2017)

1706 Ramillies

1741 Mollwitz (updated Sep 2017)

1742 Chotusitz

1745 Fontenoy

1745 Soor

1756 Lobositz

1757 Kolin

1757 Leuthen

1758 Zorndorf

1775 Lexington-Concord

1796 Arcola

1805 Wertingen

1805  Gunzburg

1805 Haslach-Jungingen

1805 Elchingen

1805 Durnstein

1809 Aspern-Essling

1818 Gqokli Hill

1862 Cedar Mountain (updated in Sep 2017)

1863 Gettysburg, Pickett's Charge

1898 Omdurman (updated in Oct 2017)


  1. Incredible work done here. Thank you.

  2. Absolutely outstanding research, presentation and analysis along with thought provoking assessments that refute generally accepted historical conclusions.
    Many thanks for a most enjoyable read (1796 Arcola).

    1. Well, you're welcome Rod. And many thanks right back for the glowing review and for being a reader.

    2. Agree with Rod Schwager, just incredible work, a magnificent resource.

      One tiny quibble: Aspern-Essling may have been the Emperor's first defeat, but General Bonaparte had been bested twice in Italy in 1796. One was Caldiero, the other I forget the name.

      - Vincent Tsao

    3. Thank you, Vincent. I appreciate your compliments and readership. It makes it that much more enjoyable for me to do these with such a savvy and supportive following.

      Actually, to your point that Bonaparte had been bested in Italy in 1796, I would qualify that by saying that in those two battles (Caldiero and Bassano) he was not in direct command at the time; those were fought by Massena and Augereau while Bonaparte was back in Verona. So (if you don't count Arcola, which I maintain he did technically lose) Aspern-Essling was the first one he officially lost (by his own admission) when he was in personal command.

      Thank you again for your kind message and support. I'll keep going.

  3. Thank you very much for the enjoyable reading!
    So many interesting (and sometimes unconventional) point of views.
    Please go on!
    Best regards from Germany

    1. Well, thank you, Andrea for reading them.